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SoccerPAT Reverse Calls Doing Well!
Our Soccer Prediction Analysis Tool lets you see what would have happened if you had called up selections based on the predictions from our Predict-A-Win Program and, alternatively, according to the Bookies Odds (simply change the choice under the "Call Type"). In addition, you can call up the "REVERSE" of whatever your main "Call Type" selections are and see if that would have given better results (which it often does)! You want proof? Then check out this link! The returns from the singles are great and the returns from the trebles are even better!

Don't Be Greedy!

OK, so I have been lucky with both my picks to date that have carried Odds of 1.60 for the win call. But 2 wins do not a goldmine make, especially since I need 30 more straight wins with these same Odds to become a millionaire! Anyway, this week I fancy Nacional F to beat Maritimo F in the Portuguese Premier more...

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The following free soccer predictions are "Home Win Calls" representing our Program's topmost favoured call(s) for each Division covered. They do not represent our TOP BETTING SELECTIONS! We have 217 predictions this week (23-29 Nov 2015); to see ALL of them (plus the full backup details) you need to be a Registered Member and log in first. But you won't have to pay anything at all, because it's all completely free-of-charge!
Division Date and Time Fixture List Anticipated Score-Line Actual Result 1x2 Odds Anticipated Score-Line Correct Score Odds
Home Win Odds Draw Odds Away Wins Odds
EP 23 Nov 19:00 Crystal P v Sunderland 3 - 0 0 - 1 1.57 4.20 6.50 12.00
SP 27 Nov 18:45 St. Johnstone v Dundee 2 - 0 - 1.85 3.60 4.00 9.00
FL 28 Nov 15:00 Paris SG v Troyes 4 - 0 - 1.08 9.00 34.00 7.00
G0 29 Nov 16:30 Olympiakos P v Asteras Tripolis 3 - 0 - 1.33 4.75 7.50 7.50
GB 29 Nov 13:30 Borussia D v Stuttgart 3 - 0 - 1.20 7.00 11.00 9.50
HK 29 Nov 12:30 Groningen v Den Haag 3 - 0 - 1.80 3.60 4.33 17.00
IS 29 Nov 13:00 Genoa v Carpi 3 - 0 - 1.57 3.80 6.00 11.00
P0 27 Nov 19:30 Nacional F v Maritimo F 2 - 0 - 2.25 3.20 3.30 11.00
SL 28 Nov 14:00 Barcelona v R Sociedad 3 - 0 - 1.08 11.00 19.00 6.50
T0 29 Nov 14:00 Besiktas I v Akhisar BGS 3 - 0 - 1.36 4.20 11.00 13.00
BRA 29 Nov 18:00 Cruzeiro BH v Joinville EC 2 - 0 - 1.33 4.20 8.00 5.50
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Act Res  =  Actual Result
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This website is aimed at those who take their soccer/football betting seriously. If you are one of those who doesn't care about "form" and simply wants to "bet from the heart", then this website is definitely NOT for you! That's because we strive hard to help people WIN from their betting - not LOSE their hard earned money!

We post soccer predictions throughout the entire year, currently covering the Premier Football Leagues in 10 soccer loving countries across Europe (England, France, Holland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Turkey), and we also cover the full season for 3 Divisions in the Americas (the top 2 in Brazil and the USA's MSL), where their season extends across the European football "close season".

To enable us to generate worthwhile soccer predictions we utilise our own specially developed in-house software, which ensures 100% consistency of output and allows us to post a vast array of data essential for making good betting decisions, and which saves you from having to carry out countless boring hours of research work each week!

To give you just one example of the data we provide you with for each and every Football League match, take a look at the Free Soccer Predictions postings above. If you then click on the blue Date/Time link shown against each match you will see a truly amazing - and very colourful - array of useful data (the "Team Performance Records").

We have also developed a unique online Soccer Predictions Analysis Tool (which we call "SoccerPAT") to help you easily identify the best betting opportunities! It provides you with a completely "interactive" search experience (totally under your control). Once you have grasped just how powerful it is you will find it indispensable, whether you are a betting expert or just a novice!

If you want proof about how useful our SoccerPAT is, take a look at the result of just two different ways we made money with it in the 2013-2014 season, especially on the accumulators: "Odds-Based" and "Probabilities-Based". With both "selection" routes we won on every single combination (from "singles" to "sextuples"), making profit ranging from a minimum of 10.50% on singles to 230.74% on sextuples! In 2014-2015, with our new REVERSE selections technique, we made good money there too - 17.98% on the singles and 138.31% on the trebles (and ridiculous percentages on the higher accumulators)! Now, doesn't that sound like exactly the sort of help you need so you can start beating the Bookies?

If you want to see a quick tutorial of how to use SoccerPAT, please check out our YouTube Video. And if you want to get the benefit of all our powerful soccer predictions data, all you need to do is register with us to get free access to everything we have to offer! However, please note that this offer ends on 31 December 2015, when we commence charging for our Services.

This screen does not show the main menu we present for our Registered Members, so if you would like to see the full range of what we post on this website, then please feel free to click here. There are dropdown menus under each of the big menu buttons, and our "Services Information" section (see top menu bar above) explains absolutely EVERYTHING about the content of the sub-menus. And if ever you need any further explanation about ANYTHING AT ALL on this website, we will answer all valid questions!

The Divisions we cover are: English Barclays Premiership, English Championship, English Leagues 1 & 2, National League (Conference), Isthmian Premier, English Northern & Southern Premiers, Scottish Premier, Scottish Championship, Scottish Leagues 1 & 2, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Greek Super League, Dutch Eredivisie, Italian Serie A, Portuguese Liga, Spanish Primera Liga, Turkish Super Lig, Brazil Serie A & B, and USA MLS.

Every New Registered Member will be given access to our specially prepared document "8 GOLDEN RULES for SUCCESSFUL SOCCER BETTING", which will be available for downloading immediately after completing registration.
New SoccerPAT "REVERSE" Feature
21-Nov-2015 Watford v Manchester U 2-1
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