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Computer-generated Predictions for European-style Football
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The following free soccer predictions are for matches that carry the lowest Home Win Odds offered in each Division covered below, and where our Predict-A Win Program's predictions match the Bookie's expectations. We have 216 predictions this week (from 24 Oct 2016), and to see ALL of them (plus the full backup details) you need to be a Subscribing Member and log in first. But before you decide to subscribe, please feel free to click around to see the tremendous level of support detail - and the quality of the data - we provide for each and every League match!
Division Date and Time Fixture List Anticipated Score-Line Actual Result 1x2 Odds Anticipated Score-Line Correct Score Odds
Home Win Odds Draw Odds Away Wins Odds
EP 29 Oct 16:00 Manchester U v Burnley 3 - 0 - 1.16 6.50 19.00 6.50
FL 30 Oct 18:00 Rennes v Metz 2 - 0 - 1.61 3.75 5.50 7.50
G0 30 Oct 15:00 Panathinaikos v Iraklis S 2 - 0 - 1.16 7.50 13.00 5.50
GB 29 Oct 18:30 Borussia D v Schalke 04 3 - 0 - 1.44 4.50 6.50 11.00
HK 29 Oct 20:45 Ajax v Excelsior 3 - 0 - 1.14 8.00 15.00 6.50
IS 26 Oct 20:45 Juventus v Sampdoria 3 - 0 4 - 1 1.16 7.00 15.00 6.50
P0 28 Oct 20:00 Benfica L v Pacos de F 3 - 0 - 1.18 6.50 15.00 6.50
SL 29 Oct 20:45 Barcelona v Granada 4 - 0 - 1.05 13.00 34.00 7.50
T0 30 Oct 18:00 Fenerbahce I v Karabukspor K 3 - 0 - 1.33 5.25 8.00 9.00
BRA 29 Oct 20:30 Internacional PA v Santa Cruz 2 - 0 - 1.33 4.60 10.00 5.50
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Act Res  =  Actual Result
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23-Oct-2016 Besiktas I v Antalyaspor 3-0

We post soccer predictions throughout the entire year, currently covering the Premier Football Leagues in 10 soccer loving countries across Europe (England, France, Holland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Turkey), and we also cover the full season for 3 Divisions in the Americas (the top 2 in Brazil and the USA's MSL), where their season extends across the European football “close season”.

Our own specially developed in-house software Program enables us to generate worthwhile soccer predictions and ensures 100% consistency of output. In turn, that allows us to post a vast array of data essential for making good betting decisions, and which saves you from having to carry out countless boring hours of research work each week!

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Our prediction Program's output compares very favourably with the Bookies' success rates, since the Bookies expectations suffer exactly the same fate as our predictions - too many unexpected Draws and Losses occur! You can easily check this out for yourself by using our SoccerPAT facility. It will also let you see what would have happened if you had bet the opposite way (against either the Bookie's expectations or our Program's predictions) - and prepare to be both amazed and pleasantly surprised! However, the amount of data you need to view makes it impossible to employ some of the features on a mobile fone, so you either need to use a tablet or a desktop computer to do that comparative analysis work.

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Get Soccer Predictions Data Now!s

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