Verified Prediction Websites

We have stumbled across a website that calls itself "VERIFIEDBETS", which makes the following claim: "Here in VerifiedBets we ensure that all the tipster (sic) is showing 100% genuine records. Be confident about using tipsters to success (sic)." See the below snip copied from their website.

Verified Prediction Websites

Fair enough we thought, we might try "VB" out for posting our predictions data. But then we saw that we cannot qualify for posting our predictions with "VB" because, first, we would have to dump all the past predictions data shown on our website, which very much defeats the object of what we do with analysing past performance against the predictions made by our "Predict-A-Win" Program to see the best way forward for the current week. And then it occurred to us:

  1. Why can't "VB" state somewhere that their verification applies only to data from a given date? Wouldn't that be a very simple thing to do?
  2. How does "VB" ensure that a website with their "VB" shield on doesn't start producing rubbish data and thereby trash the very purpose of the VB verification shield?

So what we did was to randomly check out one of the websites they proclaim is fine and trustworthy, namely "INSIDERSBETTING" (@, to see if we would be confident enough to trust paying out money to "InsidersBetting" for their soccer betting tips. And the below screen shot shows what we found.

Verified Prediction Websites

Note that in the first box they claim that their hit rate for Asian Handicap betting is 77% wins at Odds ranging from 1.70 to 2.40. Now, if we test this result out using just the lower Odds figure (1.70), what it means is that if you start with a Base Bank of £1000 and use the Kelly Criterion to decide your next stake, by the time you have reached a win on the 30th bet (no matter how many times you lost, but provided that the "InsidersBetting" claim of a 77% winning ratio holds good), your Bank would then be worth £8,303. Now, wouldn't you like some of that? But at what cost exactly? $600 per annum, per month, per week or per tip?

Moving on, let us check out what they claim for their 1X2 betting successes: a minimum of 84% with Odds ranging from 1.50 to 5.00. OK then, using just the 1.50 Odds and performing the same Kelly betting test over 30 bets, guess how much your Bank would then be worth? Sadly, only £8,243! And this time the cost of the tips has risen too, to $800.

Now let us go one stage further and look at their Correct Scores tips: at only $6,000! Here they claim that the average Odds are 18.00, and that their hit-rate is 96%! WOW! Yes, please, I want in! Because, assuming that the Bookies would take the enormous size of my Kelly bets, my Bank would now be worth a staggering $80,379,515,512,655,400,000,000,000,000,000,000! We think that would buy us the world a few times over - and in only 30 bets too!

But look at this strange phenomenon: "InsidersBetting" can only manage getting 84% of its 1X2 calls right, yet it can get 96% of its Correct Score calls right! It fair doth make the mind to boggle! I mean, why can't they just use the Correct Scores predictions and post them as 1X2 predictions, because if the Correct Score Odds average 18.00, the average 1X2 Odds for the calls must be well over 2.00. But then of course, why bother with doing 1X2 betting when the Correct Scores betting with the InsidersBetting tips would return so much more? And the "InsidersBetting" records must be right, because "VB" has verified that "InsidersBetting" is showing 100% genuine records (see the "VB" welcome message above and the below shield, which is displayed on the InsidersBetting" website).

Verified Prediction Websites

Now, we ourselves are not going to make any judgment at all on the credibility of either "VERIFIEDBETS" or "INSIDERSBETTING". We will leave that up to you to decide for yourselves. But if anybody out there has used tips from either of those two websites and can provide proof of now being millionaires having started with next to nothing, then we would be so very pleased to hear from them.

In the meantime, we would just like to remind you that there are many scammers out there in this business, regardless of what you think about the two websites we have just mentioned. So tread carefully!

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