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Refund Policy

Firstly, before talking in detail about the circumstances under which a refund will be granted to you, we need to tell you the background behind our Refund Policy:

  1. We are not selling you betting/gambling tips or advice; we are selling you a data and information based service only. What you do with the data/information we post on this website is your concern, not ours. You shall be deemed to be fully aware of that fact and to have checked prior to making use of our Services that you are comfortable that we only provide data/information and have satisfied yourself that the level and quality of such data/information we provide completely suits your needs. Refund requests based on the fact that our Program's predictions did not result in the outcome predicted shall be deemed to be inadequate grounds for claiming a refund.
  2. Further to the above nobody ever has to subscribe until they are 100% confident that what we are going to supply them with is a first-class information Service. In order to give newcomers to our website the required level of confidence in the usefulness of our Services, access to the backup data for all past weeks' predictions is available to all users/visitors, even though they may not be Subscribing Members.

We used to give newcomers free Services for 2 weeks, after which they were required to subscribe. You may not believe this but, eventually, by comparing the number of users each week to the number of “newbie” registrations, and by carefully checking email addresses and ISP addresses with the help of some analytical software, we were able to establish that we had at least 1,500 regular users who re-registered with us every 2 weeks in order to get continuous free Services! Over the 2+ years this went on for, we lost out on about £150,000 worth of revenue! The fact that we were on page 1 of Google for the whole of that period for the search phrase “soccer predictions” was of little compensation to us!

But having said all that, we do nonetheless offer refunds to comply with statutory and legal provisions, as indicated below.

Refunds for New Subscribing Member:

All payments for our Services will be due from you on a monthly recurring basis in advance. In compliance with the UK’s “Office of Fair Trading Distance Selling Regulations”, if at any time within 7 days of paying your first subscription you decide that you wish to cancel your subscription, then we undertake to refund you in full following your request to us to do so.

Your request to cancel your subscription must be emailed to, and must clearly notify us of:

  1. your decision to cancel your subscription (sent from the email address you registered with us for signup purposes),
  2. your subscription payment details (such as payment date, reference number, etc.), and
  3. your User Name.

No Refund for Regular Subscribing Member:

If you do not cancel your subscription within the first 7 days of paying your first subscription then you shall be deemed to be a Regular Subscribing Member. If thereafter you decide to cancel your subscription, then there shall be no refund due to you no matter how much time remains to run on your current month's subscription; you will however be able to continue to avail yourself of our website's Services until such time as your current subscription expires.

Should we fail to provide Services to you through this website for any given week (from Monday of that week until the following Sunday of that same week) where suitable matches for selection were being played (whether such failure was due to server failure or any other reason whatsoever), then for each such full week of unprovided Services we will automatically add on an extra week of Services to your account (and which you can check by reference to your “My Account” details).

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