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Week No. 25
15 Jan 2018
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At first glance, the "Match Selections" worksheet of the Combo-Finder Tool may appear to be empty, but it is anything but! On the contrary, it is pre-loaded with hidden formulae that will automatically bring forward the ton of output data that is sitting on the "BaseData" worksheet as soon as the match fixtures are entered into the appropriate cells, and which is in fact the primary output from our "Predict-A-Win" computer Program's prediction run for the current week.

The purpose of the Combo-Finder Tool is simply to give you the chance to see, for any 6 matches of your choosing, how the PaW Program's "Anticipated Score-Line" (ASL), as posted on the Website, is adjusted through "projecting" it to compensate for where (and to the extent that) the performance of the 2 teams in each match has been found not to conform to the output from the PaW Program's original algorithms.

From a comparison between the original ASL and the "Projected" score-line, and taking into account other key data readily visible on the Match Selections worksheet, you can establish for yourself those 6 matches in which you have the greatest confidence about the final outcome.

The beauty of the Combo-Finder Tool is that you can try out any 6 match selections you prefer, and keep changing them until you have found the ones you are the most comfortable with.

In effect then, if you use the Combo-Finder Tool properly, it will be very much like owning your own computer Program, except that we do all the hard work for you to keep it updated and maintained each week.

We provide the following link to same guidance notes - Working With The "Combo-Finder Tool" - so you can see precisely how to get the most out of this very useful facility.

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