The problem with 1X2 betting is that, if you want to make even a 5% profit in a week gambling on "Favourites", then you need to get at least 90% of your bets correct - and many weeks you will need to be 100% right! That's because the Bookies employ highly skilled personnel to make sure it is impossible for the average Bettor to break the bank!

Further, one Draw will probably occur in every 4-5 "Favourites" bets placed, so achieving a 90% "hit rate" is very nearly impossible, and 100% successes week-after-week for a full season would be nothing short of a miracle!

If you are a novice, the consequence of this is that - like millions of others in the same situation as you - at the end of a season of "Favourites" betting your Starting Bank is probably less than half of what you started with!

Yes, for sure, even novices can have a lucky day or two! And that's what drives most gamblers. But have all YOUR past lucky days made up for the combined losses on the days your luck failed you?

It is possible to make money with 1X2 betting season after season, but to do so you need to rise well above the level of novice.

Having access to our predictions data dramatically turns the tide in your favour, not just for 1X2 betting but for Correct Scores betting too!

It's not hard to figure out where the problem comes in when trying to make a fortune with 1X2 betting. You put £10 on an "A" team to win at Home at Decimal Odds of 1.35, and it produces a 0-0 Draw; so you lose £10. The win call for that team’s next match at Home carries increased Odds of 1.50, but you would still have to lay out £20 just to recover the £10 you lost on the previous match.

That scenario probably sounds all too familiar to you. And given that, overall, with Medium Odds, Draws are the result of more than 1 in 4 matches, the chances of you recovering your money after a major set-back are slim. So, with 1X2 betting, most novices go on slowly losing more and more money to the Bookies each week!

However, as mentioned earlier, we all stand a chance of getting lucky on the day. So, when you do get lucky, you need to make sure it brings in a nice big fat win! Otherwise, what's the point of betting in the first place?

So, since 1X2 betting won't ever be able to make you rich even when you do get a lucky day, you will soon understand why spending a little on Correct Scores betting makes sense and is therefore the obvious choice for you! And our great data can help you with your Correct Scores betting as well as with 1X2 betting if you still wish to continue with that!

Remember, the jackpot sits with Correct Scores betting, and nobody on the Internet can provide you with data that gets as close as our predicted score-lines do! Opting for sensible Correct Scores betting is therefore the best possible choice for you to stand a chance of making a killing with soccer betting, and that is precisely what this website specialises in and concentrates on.

But if you are still hesitating about subscribing to our Services, ask yourself these two simple questions:

  • If you don’t have the time or skills to collate and analyse everything to the extent we do, how could you possibly hope to improve your chances of getting a Jackpot Soccer Win under your own steam to anywhere near the level of opportunity we achieve?
  • How would you feel if you didn’t subscribe to our Services and then learnt you had missed out on a Jackpot Soccer Win our regular subscribers had been in on (because we often send out useful pointers by email)?

If you answered those two questions honestly, then you will have proved to yourself why you need access to our Services, starting today!

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