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You most likely arrived here looking for FREE SOCCER PREDICTIONS that will help you get rich quickly. The first part we do for you – our predictions are 100% FREE! Yes, you read that correctly – 100% FREEand you don’t even have to register first! The second part (making you rich quickly) we can’t do – and neither can any other website! If any website claims they can, then trust them at your peril! Our predictions cover the Premier Football Leagues in 10 soccer loving countries across Europe (England, France, Holland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Turkey), plus 3 Divisions in the Americas (the top 2 in Brazil and the USA's MSL), where the season there extends across the European football “close season”. See below to find the link to all this week’s free soccer/football predictions (you can find them under the icon named "Current Week's Fixtures/Odds - 1X2 Odds"). There are 124 predictions this week (beginning from 20 Mar 2017).

But before you dive into the free predictions section, stop and think carefully about this statement: the Bookies can't afford to be 100% accurate with their assessment of what the match outcomes will be. Why not? Well, if they were so accurate, then everybody would bet on the match outcomes the Bookies expected (the team with the lowest "Outright Win" Odds in each match), and the Bookies would then be bankrupted very quickly! Fortunately for the Bookies,

the outcome of almost every soccer match is subject to a great deal of unpredictability, so the Bookies don’t have to worry too much about assessing the results too accurately! All the Bookies have to do is balance their Odds offerings so that, on average, they make a profit. And they all manage to do that very nicely, courtesy of the Over-Round and the large volume of unexpected Draws and Losses that regularly occur in the beautiful game of football!

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Serious Bettors like you know they need to look at as many facts as possible before betting on the outcome of any soccer match. But the problem is that it takes such a long time to pull all the facts together. Even for your “favourite” team, the opponent’s details will be completely different from week-to-week. You could try compiling your own database and then unfailingly updating it, but a worthwhile database system would take you a long time to build and a lot of effort to systematically update. Do you really want to go through all that pain if you can avoid it? Of course not! And that's where we come in. You see, our computerised Program not only generates worthwhile soccer predictions (and ensures 100% consistency of output), it produces a vast array of data essential for making good betting decisions! So take advantage of the effort we put in and use our website's services! Doing so will save you the tedious task of collecting the relevant soccer stats for yourself week after week!

19-Mar-2017 Atalanta v Pescara 3-0

We don’t promise that our predictions will be any more “right” than any other website’s predictions, or be any more accurate than the Bookies’ expectations. But what we do promise is that our predictions will be consistently formulated each week (based on a tried-and-tested mechanism) which ensures that they will generally align with what the Bookies anticipate ought to happen. The difference between our predictions and what other websites offer is that we show you all the background data that goes into the calculations that are built into our Program! Take a look here to see what that data comprises, and which we show for every League Division match.

Plus, for those who fancy trying their luck with a 6-line Correct Scores bet (where the returns for a winning line would be huge), we provide a downloadable spreadsheet we call the Combo-Finder Tool. It’s an interactive facility that is not difficult to use (full details can be found if you click on the above "Correct Scores Stuff" icon), and can be great fun to try out a low-priced multi-line bet on. You can get access to all our soccer predictions backup data AND the Combo-Finder Tool for just £2.25 per week!

However, you know very well that with standard 1X2 soccer betting you can’t ever make a lot of money (if anything at all)! But until now you never had the right tools to let you know if the Bookies have a soft underbelly you can capitalise on. So, welcome to our SoccerPAT feature - it's the best Soccer Predictions Analysis Tool you've ever seen! SoccerPAT provides you with a completely “interactive” search experience, so you can try out every betting "what if" scenario imaginable. It allows you to find many different and unconventional ways to beat the Bookie for bigger gains - and it's all totally under your control! Plus, we share with you what we found has made big money to date! Once you have grasped how powerful it is you will find it indispensable, whether you are a betting expert or just a novice! Our video shows you how you can use SoccerPAT very effectively - it isn't complicated! This additional facility, plus our weekly updates on where the bigger money might be hidden in the current week, are all yours for just a further £1.25 per week!

The SoccerPAT facility also lets you easily check out for yourself that our prediction Program's output compares very favourably with the Bookies' success rates! It will also let you see what would have happened if you had bet the opposite way (against either the Bookie's expectations or against our Program's predictions) - and prepare to be both amazed and pleasantly surprised! However, the amount of data you need to view makes it impossible to employ some of the features on a mobile fone, so you either need to use a tablet or a desktop computer to do that comparative analysis work. Individually, the two separate aspects of our services would cost you £3.50 a week, but if you subscribe to a combined service (the Soccer Backup Data (including the Combo-Finder Tool), plus the SoccerPAT feature) you can have it all for just £2.95 a week (a saving of more than 15%)! Investing in our data services is the most cost effective way for you to stop losing and start MAKING money from your soccer betting!

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