Goodbye 1X2

When we started out on this website 13 years ago, our original aim had been to provide 1X2 soccer predictions data that would give our Subscribing Members the best possible chance of beating the Bookie on a regular basis. However, we sadly realised many years ago that, no matter how good any prediction system is, the unreliability of the majority of the teams (even those at the top of the League tables) makes beating the Bookies very hard if you stick to standard 1X2 betting. In fact, even the Bookies cannot get it more right than we do on this website – and they have equally sophisticated systems in place to allow them to calculate the Odds very precisely!

There are many reasons why the Bookies have the advantage over Bettors with 1X2 betting, but too many people are totally unaware of this and continue throwing their money away year after year, doing exactly the same thing and hoping for a different (better) result. Albert Einstein is reputed to have said that such behaviour is a clear-cut sign of insanity!

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Last Updated: 27-Apr-2017 14:48 GMT
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