Our Services In A Nutshell

This is what we offer:

  1. Each and every week we will provide you with lots of soccer predictions data for the current week's upcoming matches, which can be sorted by you in a variety of different ways. You can then easily analyse that data so you can decide for yourself what betting you want to do.
  2. To be able to give you truly meaningful data, we upload all the match results for the previous weeks into a specially written software Program that has a pile of tried-and-tested algorithms on board.
  3. Our Program uses the outputs from the highly-sophisticated algorithms to calculate the "most likely" score-line for each match, which then determines the "Call Type" for each match (Home Win, Away Win or Draw).
  4. The theory applied for our Program's calculations is the "Law of Averages". We do not apply 'chaos theory' in the calculations, and we do not build in anything subjective to the calculations (such as if the day of the match is the birthday of the team's Manager). Neither do we try to adjust the calculations because a key player is unavailable. We stick strictly to the principle of applying only the Law of Averages for the predictions, and then we report the actual outcomes in contrast to what had been predicted. This is what allows our post-prediction analytical data to be highly meaningful and totally reliable.
  5. However, a great many football teams do not perform according to the Law of Averages, and some teams are so erratic as to defy belief! The accuracy of our Program's predictions is therefore no better overall than if you were relying on the Bookie's expectations to guide you as to what the actual match results might be.
  6. The difference with our predictions versus the Bookie's expectations is that we provide a ton of colourful tables, charts and graphs to show you the full backup data behind our Program's predictions, and exactly how each team performed compared to those predictions. The Bookie does not do that for you regarding his previous week's expectations, and neither do the tipsters do that for their supposed "soccer winning tips"! But we do that not just for every match played so far in the current season but also for the whole of the previous season too. Plus we show you the reliability of each team to perform according to our Program's predictions (which, remember, are based strictly on the Law of Averages).
  7. We also provide a very useful Soccer Predictions Analysis Tool that can answer almost every question you could possibly have about the plethora of "what if" scenarios available for betting purposes. An example is: What if I had bet all those Bookie's "favourite" Home Win Calls this season as Draws? Another example is: What if I had bet on the reverse calls for some of my favourite teams? Both those questions, and many more besides, can be answered by using what we call our "SoccerPAT" facility.

What we most definitely do NOT do is tell you where you should put your money for betting purposes, nor do we pretend to provide so-called "soccer winning tips". Neither do we pretend that we can somehow defy the Law of Averages and get our Program to magically predict the unexpected! We can't! And neither can the Bookies nor any of the self-styled soccer tipster "gurus" out there! Overall, we get just about the same percentage of match calls right as the Bookies do. There are plenty of other websites out there promising something they can't provide (but usually for an exorbitant fee), which is to give you sure-fire "soccer winning tips". They are just scammers, as you would soon find out! But we are the real deal and simply offer you solid soccer predictions advice based on what the teams ought to do (according to their past performance records).

What we do is give you very solid data - at a very affordable price - for you to conduct your own analysis of the past predictions and performance of each team compared to those predictions. This will save you countless hours of trying to put such data together for yourself, and so it enables you to spend more time deciding for yourself which matches you will put your money on and what the calls will actually be (even if they are different from what the Bookie is expecting or what our Program's predictions are). This is the best chance you have of establishing worthwhile "soccer winning tips".

Our Program's anticipated score-lines are no probably no better than an educated guess for each match, but which, even allocating just 2 minutes per match, would take you almost 7 hours to compile for yourself each week (for the 200 or so matches we often show predictions for in the average week)! Of course, as usual, some teams perform close to the score-lines our Program predicts for them, while other teams produce score-lines that are miles away on most occasions. We can't be blamed if some teams perform erratically, and neither can the Bookie. But at least we provide you with enough data for you to be able to identify the more reliable teams, and see for yourself which teams perform as our Program expects them to!

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