Certain providers of prediction services claim that they have access to “insider information” (which - or so those con-artists wish you to believe - the Bookies can’t get their hands on). We wish to make it clear that we make no such claims, and neither do we have access to insider information (even if there is such a thing)! We also notice that, despite the ridiculously high charges demanded by the people making such false claims, they won’t supply you anywhere near the level of data we provide – and some give you absolutely nothing as backup data. Unfortunately, scams of this nature do no favours to legitimate businesses such as ours.

Another “semi-scam” to watch out for is where prediction providers proudly announce that “you only have to pay for winners and not for losers”. You may be asking why we refer to such “pay for winners only” prediction providers as operating a scam of any sort. Well, those particular providers are hoping you will believe (i) not only that those who charge you for ALL your picks (both the winners and the losers) are the rip-off merchants, but (ii) that the “pay for winners only” is the fairest deal you deserve. But it isn’t – far from it!

Why not? Well, think about this: it is possible to randomly predict all the match outcomes and get about one-third of them right (even if you said they would all be Draws, each season you would get about 27% right). So do you really want to run the possibility that you will be given 33 winners that you then have to pay for, even though you won't be charged for the 67 losers? Because you sure almost certainly would have laid out bets on the 67 losers where, as sure as hell, the total losing outlay wouldn't have been covered by the winnings from those 33 winners! But that is the situation you could end up in!

On the other hand, we give you access to what you truly need: a solid Prediction System - packed with truly relevant facts - for a very fair price (less than a pint of beer a week)!

In fact, we challenge you to find anything as good as our Prediction System anywhere else on the Internet. Powered by Predict-A-Win (product of BetWare Ltd)
Last Updated: 23-Feb-2018 00:34 GMT
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