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Our base predictions data is posted on a weekly basis for matches to be played from Monday through to the following Sunday (although some of the Odds may be missing in the early part of the week if the Bookies have not yet made them available).

Most Midweek data is available from Monday lunchtime (UK time), and the Weekend data is generally posted at the latest by Friday evening UK time (and much earlier wherever possible).

All references to time in this section and elsewhere on this website refer to UK time (which is not the same as GMT in the summer months) and, generally, when we refer to a "week" on our website, we mean a period running from the matches played in UK time from Monday through to and including the following Sunday's matches (although that might not be 100% correct for Sunday night matches played in the Americas, since there is sometimes a time overlap).

At some point in the week – and definitely before a match is played – our predictions/selections postings will eventually include full details of the Odds being offered by the Bookies, comprising the standard "1X2" Odds and, where available, "Correct Scores", "Double Chance", "Win Only" (Draw = No Bet), "Under/Over" and "Asian Handicap" Odds.

However, we cannot guarantee precisely when the Odds will be posted, specifically because we are reliant on the Bookies to post those Odds first (and the timing for that can vary from one week to the next). So please read the following carefully in order that you will not be disappointed by looking for the Odds too soon!

Our 1X2 postings are listed Country-by-Country (in alphabetical order), Division-by-Division (in ranked Division order), date order and, lastly, match-by-match (in alphabetical order of the Home Team).

Monday – Thursday (Midweek) Postings

We post the Midweek matches on Mondays, and we show the Odds on offer from the Bookies wherever they are available that day. Where the Odds are not available on Monday (which often happens for some of the week's later matches), we will post the Odds later in the week, in advance of the relevant matches being played.

On Monday we also post the Combo-Finder Tool – which covers both Europe and the Americas where the seasons overlap - with the Odds for the Midweek matches on board wherever available, and we update the spreadsheet almost daily during most weeks, as and when outstanding Odds data arrives.

Friday (Weekend) Postings

On Fridays we post the finalised Combo-Finder Tool with any outstanding Odds on board, in time for the weekend's matches. Powered by Predict-A-Win (product of BetWare Ltd)
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