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This website is the creation of BetWare Ltd, a Hong Kong registered enterprise (Company Registration No. 233035), and is currently hosted by "HostGator" (from the USA).

BetWare Ltd is owned by a group of individuals who are passionately interested in finding ways to make better predictions of the outcome of soccer matches, such as will, hopefully, allow us to "beat the Bookies". For that purpose we have developed our own in-house computer program (which we have named the "Predict-A-Win" Program), that was written especially for making predictions as to the outcome of any team-based sporting event, and which we constantly strive to improve upon.

Currently this website provides predictions for soccer matches, together with the computerised backup data produced by the Predict-A-Win Program, for 20 Major Football Divisions in Europe and 3 in the Americas. Later, as business picks up, we intend to add more Premier Divisions from across the globe. Later still, we intend to launch websites specifically for other team-based sports.

The principal architect of the Program is a Brit (Woz Salmon), who has been a Permanent Resident of the Philippines for the past 22 years. He was ably supported and assisted by a team of professional Programmers who are also based in the Philippines and who are still part of the team today (after some 17 years, as at 31 December 2016), and that team is also responsible for this website's maintenance and daily updating. Our data collection team is also based in the Philippines, and all personnel operate under the direction of an affiliate company in the Philippines called BetWare Marketing and Promotions (DTI No. Certificate No. 03648170).

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