Say Hello To SoccerPAT

In the sure knowledge that beating the Bookie regularly with standard 1X2 Low Odds "singles" betting (especially Low Odds betting) was next to futile, we eventually decided to try to "reverse engineer" the Bookies' expectations to see what would have happened if we had bet against what the Bookie was expecting. To do that, we re-wrote another software routine that we possessed and which we had dubbed "SoccerPAT" (short for Soccer Predictions Analysis Tool). Our ploy was to add a "Reverse Call" option to allow us to see, for example, what the outcome would have been if we had called all matches the Bookies thought were going to be "Home Wins" as "Away Wins" (or even "Draws") instead!

Utilising the "Reverse Call" option in SoccerPAT, we quickly discovered the means whereby we could readily identify betting scenarios where more money could be made than by employing standard 1X2 "singles" betting on any range of Odds!

Although SoccerPAT was designed to be an intuitive tool, a number of people were very hesitant to play with it, so we quickly produced two short YouTube videos to show people how to use it (links are available on this website). However, a lot of work has gone into SoccerPAT recently, so we intend to follow up with completely new videos, each of which will concentrate on different features of the SoccerPAT facility.

You cannot find anything like SoccerPAT anywhere else on the Internet – it is truly unique – so give it a try for yourself! If SoccerPAT is not in your arsenal of prediction tools, you are always going to struggle to beat the Bookies!

SoccerPAT also enables you to check out exactly how our PaW Program's predictions performed compared to what the Bookies had been expecting, and vice versa. But the money is in establishing where betting against the Bookie will win far more than it loses, regardless of the route that takes you there!

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