Because the Bookies are in business to take your money, you can be sure that they do everything they possibly can to get the biggest possible advantage over you. The "built-in" advantage is called the "house edge" in casinos and takes the form of a mark-up ("Over-Round") for soccer betting, which goes on top of the advantage they already have with their highly specialist soccer betting knowledge. So it is obvious that you need to do everything in your power to start clawing back some advantage to offset that enormous advantage the Bookie would otherwise automatically have over you!

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what it is you prefer to bet on, and then check to see if OUR past performance is better than YOURS in those particular areas. If, over the long term, you are truly doing better than we are for your preferred betting scenarios, then you obviously don't need our Services!

To check out our past prediction performance, take a look at our comprehensive range of "Prediction Performance Records" (under the icon bearing that name on the Home screen). We have in fact gone much further than just letting you know how the basic predictions fared, by providing full information about where the actual results fell if they weren’t what our computer Program had predicted. All this past history is accessible to anyone who visits the website – you don’t need to be registered with us, as there is no need for you to log in first to view the content.

What you should look for is where our Program's predictions have done well, but even where they have performed badly there may well be a good opportunity for money-making there, because you can then try your luck by going the opposite way to which our Program is calling the match outcomes. Our SoccerPAT facility is designed specifically for that task! Remember, please, that our Program's predictions are based on what reasonably ought to happen, bearing mind the performance of both teams in each match prior to the match date. Some teams are highly reliable, while others are completely erratic yet manage to look as though they are not doing badly. Those latter teams are the ones to avoid betting on!

Please remember this too:

  • Making money betting on the outcome of soccer matches is not an easy thing to achieve, as soccer results tend to be far more random than any of us wants to believe!
  • The Bookies need to take in more than they pay out or they will go out of business, and so the Bookies fix their Odds so that in the long run they will come out on top, courtesy of the average Bettor!
  • The above translates to the fact that over 95% of regular Bettors are regular losers (to varying extents, of course)! And anyone taking a lazy approach to making soccer betting selections will definitely find that they are one of those losers!
  • To stand any chance at all of beating the Bookies regularly you need to properly consider every piece of information at your disposal and turn the stones over more than once!

If you are not prepared to put in that extra bit of effort, then you really can’t expect to gain any advantage over the Bookie whatsoever!

However, we supply all the data you need to make good betting selections, and we will always consider adding more tables, charts and graphs if you have any good ideas for improving the level and quality of our postings so that you may be able to get a better advantage over the Bookie!

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