To help you realise just how useful our Services could be to you, consider what you would need to do – and the time it would take you – to search out, by yourself, all the information you would need to answer the simple question as to "Which team is most likely to win this soccer match?"

  • First of all, what information would you require? If it were as simple as looking at each team’s relative standing in the tables, then we would all be winners most of the time! But you know that some teams are more erratic than others, and that it’s impossible to work out which teams those are just by looking at the tables.
  • If you collected all the match details for each team and listed out how they had performed, that would not be much help to you either! What you really need to know is how you thought each team ought to have performed in each match to date (based on some sort of realistic yardstick), compared to how they actually performed. To do that would prove far harder than you can imagine!
  • By the time you had compiled all the data necessary just for the above limited exercise, you would have spent at least an hour of your valuable time on a single match, and maybe still not have enough data to make you confident about the most likely match outcome!

Even if you were to collect all the necessary data yourself, you would still have no valid way of processing it without writing your own computer program. Manually compiling data, even with the aid of spreadsheets, is a woefully inadequate approach. Our Program has taken us some 7,000+ hours to write, and over 3,000 initial hours to test and perfect. Even at US$30.00 an hour (and what worthwhile programming can you expect to get at that low cost nowadays?) that is a lot of investment.

And each week, just to collect, process and validate all the data ready for posting to this website, it takes a further 15 hours input as a minimum.

So just how much is your time actually worth to you?

And how truly willing are you to put in all the necessary slog yourself, especially when we will do it all for you at a more than reasonable cost?

In any case, taking advantage of our very affordable Services will simply give you lots more time to analyse the necessary data in depth so that you can more precisely identify the best soccer betting selections!

It shouldn't take a lot of thinking to realise that this would automatically put you into a “win-win” situation. Powered by Predict-A-Win (product of BetWare Ltd)
Last Updated: 23-Feb-2018 00:34 GMT
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