Current Week's Fixtures/Odds

Under the above menu we post the basic predictions data along with a selection of the various Odds on offer from the Bookies. The essential thing to remember here is that we do not encourage anybody to blindly follow our PaW Program's predictions but, instead, to test out how those predictions actually fare using our SoccerPAT facility!

The 'Bet Types' we post Odds for cover standard 1X2, Double Chance, Win Only (Draw = No Bet), Asian Handicap and Under/Over betting, plus we also provide Half-Time/Full-Time and Correct Scores Odds in separate full Odds tables for each match.

The Odds are added to on a daily basis as and when any outstanding Odds become available, and we let you know which Bookies we obtained the Odds from.

For the 1X2 Calls we use the terms "Short Odds", "Medium Odds" and "Long Shots" on this website, which we define as follows:

Short Odds Medium Odds Long Shots
max. 1.50 1.51 - 1.99 min. 2.00

If you are interested in such things as the likely Over-Round the Bookie has added to the specific "Call Type" you want to make (for example, the Home Win call), then we even have tables for that under a sub-menu identified as “Match Over-Rounds" under the Home page icon "Current Week's Fixtures/Odds", although you should be aware that the assessment of the "Call Type" Over-Rounds (but not the overall "Match" Over-Rounds) depend to a great extent on our PaW Program’s ability to calculate the match “Probabilities” accurately.

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