A few years ago, when we ourselves tried looking for a good Internet soccer prediction service, we found that many of the Websites provided very dubious deals. Typically, they offered next to no historical backup data for their soccer predictions and had no proper means of enabling us to validate the integrity of the claims they were making.

Our view had been that, before we would be prepared to lay out money based on a third party’s predictions, we needed to satisfy ourselves that the overall basis of their advice was sound. We had our own selections in our pocket, and all we needed was just a reasonable “comfort blanket” around us before we laid out our bets.

Specifically, we felt that this required us to be able to check out the following attributes of a third party’s soccer prediction system:

  • the mechanics of the prediction method used, and proof that such method is sensible in concept and consistently applied;
  • the applicability and/or relevance of the various components and elements used as the “base data” for the prediction method;
  • the minimisation of any subjectivity involved;
  • the probability for each prediction being correct, and proof that the stated "probabilities" are compiled in a realistic manner;
  • the type and quality of data provided to demonstrate the relative performance of both teams in general;
  • the system’s prediction accuracy for each team, including comparisons of the number of goals anticipated for matches versus the actual goals scored (including separate “Goals For” and “Goals Against” estimates and accuracy), and
  • whether there was any means to enable validation of the prediction system’s claimed overall success rate.

Be honest with yourself now: don’t you want to see exactly the same things from us as we have identified in the above list?

Well, we never found any soccer prediction system available on the Internet that could give us anywhere near the level of detail (or confidence) we needed, although we did buy and test just about every software product out there! So, since we already had people with all the necessary skills on board, that inspired us to expend the time and money necessary to develop and perfect a computer-driven soccer prediction system of our very own, making sure that every single one of the above attributes we looked for in the prediction systems of others (but never found) was built into our system.

The result of our efforts was the Predict-A-Win Program ("PaW Program" for short), and on this website we sell soccer prediction services utilising its output. The PaW Program required a lot of investment to produce (both time and money), but it has proved its worth to our Members time and again for since 2002, and we improve upon the service we provide year after year. And now you too can share in its power!

Scammers won't invest a fraction of what we have spent to get a product equal to the quality of our PaW Program's output. However, over the years we have found some scammers using our data and then selling the final outputs on for 10 times the price (or more) you would have to pay us – but without the backup data we provide you with! One such scammer even ripped off our website's name until we and the police caught up with him!

No, the scammers are just the also-rans in the soccer prediction business, but we are the real thing; they just wish they had the PaW Program as part of their arsenal. So why waste your valuable money with those people getting an inferior service, when you can obtain our top-quality service for so very little compared to what you must pay them?

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