There may well be nagging doubts at the back of your mind telling you that no computer can produce reliable football predictions. And to a certain extent you would be right, of course - computers can only go so far. However, properly programmed and fed the right data, computers can give you a very good indication as to what ought to happen in a given soccer match.

For sure, using computer-generated output still requires you to take into account all the many issues that could swing the game one way or the other on the day, such as your knowledge of the actual team line-ups. But not using good quality computer-generated output when it is readily available - and at an affordable price - doesn’t make any sense at all!

Think about this too: even if you currently don’t use a “conventional” electronic computer to do your football betting selections for you, you are probably using nature’s computer – your very own brain!

Nothing stops you – and nor should it – from continuing to use your brain when analysing the output from a computer. Using the combined power of both analytical processes together (brain plus computer) will assuredly give you the best possible advantage, and it is what we encourage you to do.

Our computer-generated statistics give you truly relevant and accurate output data in far greater detail, and to a far higher degree of accuracy, than any human being could ever achieve within the same time frame. As a direct result of this, the data we post on our website gives even the cleverest soccer Bettor tremendous insight when it comes to selecting winning bets. And isn’t that just what you want?

Bear in mind too that all the big Bookies nowadays rely on computerised prediction systems to assist them in calculating the Odds. So Bookies obviously think that computerised soccer predictions are useful! And if you had bet on the same outcome as the Bookies seem to have been expecting last season for their “Top 6” Shortest Odds, then you would have LOST money (see for yourself)! But the Bookies not only knew that, they set their Odds so that the only possible outcome would be to make them the winners (and not you)!

The foregoing demonstrates that the Bookies are currently using the power of computers against you, so what more do you need to prove to yourself that computerised help is ESSENTIAL for YOUR successful football betting? And that is why you need us!

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