It is true that collecting all the data necessary for making good betting decisions takes considerable time and energy if you are going to do it right. But we save you the effort by doing it all for you; and, in addition, we also use that data to produce the following very useful soccer prediction tools (all unique to us):

  • Team Performance Records comprising:
    • Performance Indicator Charts (PICs) for every match (a visual representation of how the teams have performed over their last 20 or so matches, with full "background data" so you can understand the basis of the predictions).
    • Prediction Performance "Usefulness" Tables (including comparison of predicted Goals with the actual Goals "for" and "against").
    • Specific Past Match Data, showing you how the two teams in each match have fared against each other, both at Home and Away (back to European season 2011-2012 for all Divisions for both Europe and the Americas) .
  • Individual Results Tables for each and every team (separate for Home & Away matches), with match-by-match comparisons against our previous predictions.
  • Prediction Reliabilities Data for each separate Division (to show how close to (or far away from) its expected performance each team actually does).

If you look into what data just the PIC alone contains (and each week, on average, we present you with about 200 of them in the European soccer season), you will very quickly realise what an enormous amount of useful data you can have at your fingertips at only a fraction of what it costs us to produce it. So, if you haven’t done so yet, take a close look now at the truly phenomenal contents of a typical PIC, since it is an incredibly useful prediction tool. Once you have taken the time to master the content and understand what each component of the PIC's content is telling you, it will enable you to fully understand the relevance of our Program’s predictions for every single match. And to help you more readily understand the significance of its constituent parts (see Utilising the PIC Data).

In addition, our website also provides you with well constructed League Tables (divided up into “Home”, “Away” and “Overall” sections), and corresponding Results Matrices.

The above tools, together with (i) the data shown on our Team Performance Records, (ii) the extensive background notes we give to explain each aspect of our website and (iii) the ability for easy third party auditing and validation of our historical and current records, fully satisfy all the “checkability” criteria we refer to above as being essential for a good Soccer Prediction System.

The wealth of data we supply lets you know, week after week throughout the season, which teams are erratic in their performance, and which teams are the most reliable! Isn’t this exactly what you’ve been looking for? In fact, isn’t access to all the worthwhile data we provide what you’ve always dreamt about? Well, now it’s here!

As we said earlier, except for “on the day” information, all the backup data any serious Bettor would ever need to determine excellent soccer betting selections is right here on this website! You will never have to look elsewhere for essential soccer betting data. We have done all the research, collection and compilation work for you, and we present it to you in very understandable tables and other helpful formats! How many other soccer prediction services do that for you?

Take a serious look again at the level of information we supply you with, and think just how long it would take you to compile all that data yourself!

We know for absolute certain that it would take more time each week than you would ever possibly have to spare!

And if you don’t have such prediction tools at your disposal when the Bookies do, how can you possibly expect to make money at soccer betting?

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