Commenting Rules

In order to be able to post comments on this website, wherever the location, you will have to be a Facebook account holder, although there is no need for you to register with us first.

The reason we will be happy with comments from people on Facebook is because we believe that such people will be less inclined to post uncivil comments, simply because they can easily be recognised, whereas posting anonymously leads some people to be truly uncivil.

Nonetheless, we will still insist that you abide by our rules and policies detailed below. By agreeing to those rules you warrant that you will not post any comments that are hateful, insulting, obscene, racist, sexually-oriented, threatening, vulgar or otherwise in violation of any laws. Using foul language of any sort will not be acceptable to us, so please don't bother writing anything with crude content, because it won't get past our moderators.

Spamming is also strictly prohibited, and we reserve the right to sue anybody found guilty of trying to load our website with spam content.

We would prefer people to offer worthwhile comments and not simply post just for the sake of it. If you have nothing to say on a certain matter then please don't bother to comment; after all, if you like what you read and want people to know that, then you can always hit the "like" button, can't you?

We would also appreciate it if you would refrain from off-topic, misleading, and repeat commenting.

We reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any comment or any thread of comments or any articles for any reason.

Please note that if we decide to retain comments that are disdainful of our website or otherwise try to rubbish our services, we have the right of reply and will almost certainly do so! We have been in this business and online for a long time (over 13 years), so our hide is very thick from dealing with the ignoramuses we have had to contend with over that time. Please therefore expect us to give back much harder than we receive, because we undoubtedly will! We are not afraid to fight our corner, so bring it on if you feel you must!


Being allowed to post comments on our website is a privilege we accord you, not your right! Abuse of that privilege will almost certainly get you banned!

Once banned, pleased don't expect to be allowed back in; we only have so much energy to spare, and wasting our time trying to deal with pleas from people who have already proven themselves to be inconsiderate does not come high in our list of priorities!

In fact, anyone found involved in making threats, incitement of terrorism and spreading religious hatred or similar such offences may find us having to share their contact details with worldwide and/or local enforcement agencies. Please don't put us in that awful position.


Although the administrators and moderators of our website will attempt to find and destroy all objectionable comments, it is impossible for us to review all comments. Each comment posted expresses the view of the author, and we shall not be held responsible for the content of any comments other than our own.


If you see anybody violating any of our posting rules and you thereby feel offended, please feel free to email us about it at; all such information sent to us will be kept confidential. We want to keep our website clean and healthy, not let it become a cesspool! So your assistance in helping us in that regard would be very much appreciated.

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