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20. Catch-Up Staking

A great deal of the money lost in betting is by people trying to recover earlier losses through the employment of "catch-up" staking without the benefit of a good Selection System to support them. We believe that an important step in becoming a successful Bettor is to understand the principles of a sound Staking Plan. Just ask any professional gambler, and he/she will tell you the same thing, although one other thing we are sure of is that all professional gambler's use a worthwhile Selection System too.

You need to be totally honest with yourself about your actual betting losses, because one of the biggest lies we have found a tremendous number of Bettors guilty of is denying to themselves how many times their Base Bank has been busted! If you too are guilty of this, please remember that until you face up to the truth with the determination to do something about it, you will never be able to turn the situation round in your favour!

Poor money management also prevents most people from making as much as they should with soccer betting, and the following are the biggest sins:

  1. Bets are randomly placed, often without reference to a valid Selection System and more on gut feeling.
  2. Poor staking methods are employed, generally resulting in increased stakes being laid out to counter the effect of the low Odds being offered.

If you find that you need to employ "catch-up" staking regularly, it means three things:

  1. Your Selection System sucks!
  2. You haven't got a clue about what constitutes a proper Staking Plan!
  3. You have turned your chances of regularly and quickly losing your Base Bank to a 100% certainty!
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