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3. Doubling Your Money

You often read such things as how the "average" Bettor wants to double his/her "starting money" or "bank" over the course of a season. One thing we know for sure: such wishes are just pie in the sky for the vast majority of people. In fact, most gamblers lose more than they win. If they didn't, we wouldn't have so many Bookies looking well-fed and happy.

In any case, what is it exactly that this "average" Bettor thinks he/she is going to double, and how/why? This question is even more relevant when you remember that the majority of Bettors won't have a stack of cash to start with; they will have to find their gambling money each week from what is left of their salaries.

Consider the following: In the past, house prices generally doubled over a period of between 7 and 10 years - but you still had to pay the mortgage interest in the meantime. But even then that "extra" you make wouldn't allow you to buy an additional house; it would only allow you to buy the same house again at its higher price. Similarly, in good economic times, money held in savings accounts generally doubles over a 15-20 year period. Investing in certain shares may make you money in the long run (7-10 years) but all too often there are many disappointments along the way.

So is the average soccer Bettor truly going to expect that staking money on soccer betting is going to double his/her money over a 40-week period? We don't think so! Even the very best of professional gamblers would find that impossible to achieve on a consistent basis!

A more realistic target in our opinion is to aim to increase your "Base Bank" by 5-10% over the course of a season, and to do so without taking unnecessary risks. Believe us when we say that, if you can achieve that goal season after season, then you have done exceptionally well.

Professional gamblers are so called because they consistently win more than they lose. To enable the Bookies to keep the Odds where they are so that professional gamblers can continue to win at the level they do without upsetting the equilibrium, the majority of Bettors consistently have to be losers!

So forget all ideas about doubling your money with soccer betting and set yourself a more realistic and achievable target.

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