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24. Advantages of Asian Handicap Betting

The Bookies aim to handicap what they consider to be the stronger team (by adding a Goal Allowance to the supposedly weaker team). This is done in such a way that the probable handicapped result is as close as possible to a 50/50 call and thus the Odds can be set almost equal for both the Home team or Away team call (although sometimes that does not appear to be possible, so the Odds are still heavly slanted).

If the Bookies consider that two teams are equal to begin with, then no handicapping is made. The typical Odds offered sit in the range 1.775 to 2.125, and the total Odds offered for the Home and Away Wins combined generally sit somewhere close to the 3.90 mark. The over-round in this case is 2.564%, which makes the odds offered with Asian Handicap Betting slightly better than those on a one-zeroed roulette table (where the house edge is 2.702%), and far and away better than those for Fixed Odds Betting.

The above factors alone make Asian Handicap Betting a far more attractive gambling proposition for soccer betting than most other forms of gambling, but it also offers the additional benefit that when laying out accumulator bets the "over-round" is far more reasonable than is found with Fixed Odds Betting.

As if that wasn't good enough, you also have the benefit that with "Whole Number" Asian Handicap Betting you won't be wholly penalised if the handicapped result is a Draw; you get best part of your stake back. In practice, this means that whereas with a Fixed Odds Home Wins "Treble" accumulator there are 27 possible HW/AW/D outcomes, there are only 8 possible outcomes with "Whole Number" Asian Handicap Betting. And with "Half Number" handicapping it is impossible to have a Draw as the handicapped result; there has to be an outright Home or Away winner.

And finally, Asian Handicap Betting also has one more substantial advantage that gambling such as roulette can't compete with: a well-informed bettor's insider knowledge may allow him/her to take advantage of where the Bookies did not get the handicapping quite right!

This leads us to the three quality benefits that Asian Handicap Betting offers to its devotees but which are denied to roulette players and the like:

  1. they have the possibility of improving the already reasonable Odds still further, and maybe even turning them completely in their own favour (so that they have the edge, not the Bookies),
  2. they can therefore make more money from the Bookies, which is gratifying enough in its own right, but
  3. in addition there is also a tremendous sense of satisfaction (ego massaging) that comes with getting one over on the Bookies on a regular basis.

In short, Asian Handicapping Betting offers the best of all possible worlds: (i) a constant reason for maintaining involvement with your favourite sport, (ii) a very good chance of making some money for yourself (provided (a) you know what you are doing or (b) you are using a good Selection System), and (iii) satisfaction of the mind when you get it right. What more could one ask for in life? Powered by Predict-A-Win (product of BetWare Ltd)
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