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27. "Quarter" Asian Handicap Betting

The special rules that apply to Quarter number handicapping are best explained by considering all such bets as "split" bets (or as "double" bets), each employing half of the stake. For this reason, there is a slight variation to the "alternative" handicapping notation when it comes to Quarter handicapping, which looks like this:

"-1, -0.5" for the Home Team and "+1, +0.5" for the Away Team.

The above means exactly the same thing as the "0:¾" notation, but it does serve to emphasise that there are in fact 2 separate bets, each one with 50% of the stake riding on it. The first bet is for "0:1" and the second bet for "0:0.5", which are then treated as one standard Whole number and one standard Half number handicapped bet at the reduced (halved) stake. Despite that, we ourselves have prepared separate tables to amalgamate the effects for the 2 bets involved in Quarter handicapping, primarily to ease our own understanding as to what the returns are in each case (see the section entitled Effects of Quarter Handicapping). If you are starting out on Asian Handicap Betting, we trust that you will find them as useful as we did when we first got started. Powered by Predict-A-Win (product of BetWare Ltd)
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