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4. Robustness Inputs and Outputs

In the tables below:

  1. the words "Min. Placed" refer to the minimum number of bets that we would prefer to see in order to provide us with the "comfort level" referred to under the section entitled Robustness Test Formula, and which we ourselves would use within that formula; and
  2. the percentages under the headings "Correct" show the minimum we would like to see as the output from the application of the "comfort level" factors to the Robustness Test Formula.

Where we haven't provided figures (for example, Trebles for Correct Scores Betting), that is because we feel that there is very little faith that can be placed in the ability of any Selection System to predict such results to any acceptable degree of reliability. In fact, even some of those we have included are very much on the borderline of being hit-and-miss, regardless of the reliability appearing to be there for any particular Selection System you may be reviewing (for example, for Draw Quadruples under Favourites Betting, returning odds of around 100:1). In such a case it means that you would have to see that the success had been sustained over three or more full seasons before you could begin to believe that there was any reliability at all in predicting such outcomes. Our advice is to think very carefully about placing such bets other than as a bit of fun on a low stake, hoping for the occasional lucky break. Powered by Predict-A-Win (product of BetWare Ltd)
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