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We would all like to make a killing with our soccer betting but, on the other hand, we all know very well that we can't do it with 1X2 betting, no matter how much we invest (and which usually translates to "'lose" for most people). Yes, it is true that we here at BetWare like to play with "Reverse Calls" betting, trying to take advantage of the soft underbelly of the Bookies that is exposed by our very special Soccer Predictions Analysis Tool (SoccerPAT). But we recognise that many people feel that such betting is too risky for them. So what we did was to look seriously into Correct Scores Betting, to see if we could find a way to significantly improve the chances there of getting a decent return from just a very small lay out each week which, if it lost (as it will inevitably do for most people, it's true), would be of insignificant financial consequence and would have given everyone a lot of fun along the way. And we believe we have done it!

This section is therefore all about having some fun with your soccer betting, by treating Correct Scores Betting as a sort of lottery, but one where you have a significant advantage over a traditional National Lottery! And we are confident that, by the time you have taken the trouble to read and properly digest everything we have to say on the subject, you too will be 100% convinced that you can vastly improve your chances of bringing in at least a £50,000 win from a £1 stake (down from just the 1 chance in 13.98 million that exists with a standard National Lottery to as good as 1 in 177,100 for a 6-line Correct Scores bet - even if you don’t bother to get clever about it). That alone is an improvement over the National Lottery chances of about 78 times!

And if you really work at it, study all the available backup data and apply all the advice that we provide you with, you should be able to improve your chances to 1 in less than 70,000! So, by putting in about 10 minutes of effort each week for each potential match you want to bet on, you could probably increase your chances of winning a 6-line Correct Scores bet by around 200 times compared to winning the jackpot on a National Lottery!

Despite the advice that Correct Scores Betting should be treated as FUN, we ourselves have taken the subject matter extremely seriously in order to understand everything we possibly can about how to improve the chances of achieving a win with our 6-line Correct Scores Betting. Accordingly, we share here everything we have learnt so that, if you are interested, you too will comprehend just about everything there is to know about the subject.

The key thing to remember is that, despite the fact that we unquestionably prove to you that you can improve your chances of a win significantly by (i) applying solid research with the help of the wealth of soccer predictions data we provide you with and (ii) adding your own specific knowledge about the two teams in each match, we have to advise that the chances of a achieving a win with your 6-line Correct Scores bet are very slender. But this website provides you with the best possible data and tools to help you on your way to perhaps getting a winning Correct Scores 6-liner one day in the not-too-distant future!

So, we repeat, please treat Correct Scores betting as just a FUN exercise, and not as something you must absolutely win at! Just do your best to select score-lines you think are realistic, spend just the minimum amount necessary for deciding your main line and your 3 "hedge" betting lines (with the help of all the various tools we provide you with), then sit back and relax. If you lose you will have lost only a small amount (if you have followed our advice) – worth no more than a couple of pints of beer (so stay in 1 night a week to pay for it – it will improve your health anyway)! But if you win, you will have made enough for 10,000+ pints of your favourite beer! Get the idea? Now please read on........


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