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Many people dream of becoming rich by hitting the jackpot with a National Lottery win, where the potential winnings are huge. However, since the chances of winning a 49-number Lottery are just 1 in 13.98 million, only a handful of people actually achieve that each year! But a 6-line soccer Correct Scores bet will give you a far better chance of achieving a win, as we will now demonstrate.

Firstly though, did you know that from all the possible soccer score-lines that occur in European and American League football matches, 99% of the most common score-lines fall within the range from 0-0 to 6-6 goals (which just happens to equate to exactly 49 possible combinations of different score-lines)? And that, of course, precisely matches the range of numbers used in many National Lotteries across the globe (that is, from 1 to 49).

However, Correct Scores betting has one huge advantage over buying a ticket in any National Lottery, which is that, whereas all 49 numbers in a National Lottery have an equal chance of coming up, 24 of the 49 most likely soccer score-lines have a mere 5% chance of coming up! That means that the chances for getting 6 Correct Score calls right 95% of the time are 1 in 177,100! Putting that another way - you stand almost 80 times more chances of winning on a 6-line Correct Scores bet than winning the jackpot on a 49-number National Lottery!

Yes, it's true that Correct Scores betting will never bring in the huge winnings that you might get on a National Lottery jackpot win, but who says that the two completely different betting routes are mutually exclusive? Of course they aren't – you can continue to buy your National Lottery tickets and at the same time allocate a little for your Correct Scores betting too! That way you will have a valid 2-pronged approach to the possibility of making a lot of money from your betting – although a lot of luck would still be necessary, of course. After all, if it were that easy to become rich from betting of any sort, then we would all be living in luxury, wouldn't we?

Just to make it very clear, we are not trashing National Lotteries - far from it! This is because, for the price of just a single Lottery ticket, you will be provided with opportunities to win big money with the National Lottery if you get just 4 or 5 correct numbers, whereas that is definitely not the case with Correct Scores Betting (where you would need to lay out money separately for each different set pf permutations). However, even with the 4-numbers correct situation in a National Lottery, your chances of a win are only 1 in 211,876 (and 1 in 1.9 million for the 5-number win). And that is why we rate Correct Scores Betting very highly as an alternative route to hitting a jackpot win quicker! Powered by Predict-A-Win (product of BetWare Ltd)
Last Updated: 23-Feb-2018 00:34 GMT
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