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Determining Most Likely Alternative Score-Lines

To assist you to determine the most likely score-line for a match, we have produced relevant tables that can be accessed through our website by clicking on the link under the Date/Time column (alongside where the match fixtures are displayed). There are basically two different sets of data, which are impossible to display in a linear spreadsheet format because they are matrices:

  1. the "Frequency of Goals For/Against" (tables showing the actual scores for and against the teams, presented in a score-line format, as well as an alternative table format showing the number of times a certain number of goals has been scored for and against the teams - with separate tables available for the current season and the previous season); and
  2. a table titled the "Chances of Exact Score Possibilities For This Match" (which shows, for the original Anticipated Score-Line for the fixture in question, where the 36 score-lines from 0-0 to 5-5 fall (as a percentage), and which also identifies the 4 most common score-lines that occur for the Anticipated Score-Line in question).

Bear in mind that the incidence of occurrence for the score-line data is compiled by analysing where our PaW Program’s predictions actually fall "on average", based on whether the chances of a win for the team perceived to be the strongest are short, medium or long. So what then needs to be decided is whether the match being looked at falls into the "average" category or ought to be considered as an exception to the general rule.

As a guide, if both the Program’s original Anticipated Score-Line and the Projected Score-Line on the COMBO-FINDER TOOL show a 1-0 win for the match, and the Home Team has won 1-0 and the Away team lost 0-1 more often than any other score-line both in the past season and up-to-date in the current season, then you can have a great deal of confidence in the final score falling in line with the average "fall-out" of score-lines for a 1-0 call (as seen in the "Chances of Exact Score Possibilities For This Match" table).

Of course, it will never be that easy!

So what you have to do is look at a few other things, such as the likelihood of there being 'Under' or 'Over' 2.5 goals for the match. And for that purpose we have included the stats in respect of that data on the worksheet titled "Analysis" within the COMBO-FINDER TOOL.


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