Where can I find the past performance data for both teams in a match?

For detailed analysis purposes, we provide "Team Performance Records" for each match. They show an array of statistical information in coloured charts and other pictorial formats, including our unique "Performance Indicator Chart" (PIC), for each and every match. The Team Performance Records can be accessed by clicking the link on the left-hand side of the Match fixture details, under the column headed "Date / Time & PIC".

Each PIC shows the relative performance of the teams up to the match date, although the information is largely artificial for all the Relegated and Promoted teams. However, as each additional match is played, we replace that artificial data with the actual match results, so the value of the PIC information increases from week-to-week over the course of the season as more and more matches are played.

[Note: When reviewing our Program's predictions to make your betting selections, we recommend avoiding those matches where the two teams have not played each other in the previous 12 months, unless you are reasonably confident that the relative Win Quotients appear realistic and therefore offer you comfort.]

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