Can I trust the "Probabilities" figures you show?

Our computer Program faithfully calculates the Probabilities based on the values of the Win Quotients for the two teams in a match, where the Win Quotients are derived from a combination of (a) the actual past and recent results for the "Staying" teams and (b) from artificial matches and actual current season results for the "Promoted" and "Relegated" teams. More weight is given to recent match results than older match results and, as the season progresses, the Win Quotients of all teams (Staying, Promoted & Relegated) become much more meaningful and thus, in theory, the resultant Probabilities become more reliable.

What must always be borne in mind when looking at the Probability figures is that even a 60% probability of a Win means that there is a combined probability of 40% for the Draw or Loss, and no team will manage to play with 100% consistency. In fact, we have identified that a great many teams play inconsistently for more than 50% of their matches.

Always remember, therefore, that the Probability figures are an indication of what ought to happen in a match under normal circumstances; so, if you know that a team has lost a key man for any reason for this week's match, then our advice is to exclude that team's match from your betting selections!

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