How can I use the Combo-Finder Tool for determining 6 good matches for betting purposes?

The Combo-Finder Tool is designed to let you compare the data for up to 6 matches at a time for Correct Scores accumulator betting, so you can see which calls appear to be the strongest (i.e. most likely to give you the outcome you selected). However, you can use the Combo-Finder Tool equally as well for any other type of accumulator betting.

First of all, though, you must decide what type of Match Results you are more interested in working with (for whatever type of accumulator betting you wish to do):

  1. "Obvious" Home win calls (Favourites)?
  2. Less obvious Home win calls (Medium Odds)?
  3. Outside chance Home win calls (Long Shots)?
  4. "Obvious" Away win calls (Favourites)?
  5. Less obvious Away win calls (Medium Odds)?
  6. Outside chance Away win calls (Long Shots)?
  7. Score-draw calls?
  8. Non-score draw calls?
  9. A mixture of some or all of the above?
  10. Limited to certain Divisions only or across-the-board?

Firstly, though, remember that "Away" win calls are more unreliable for getting the Result Type right compared to "Home" win calls. Also, it"s difficult enough to find "Favourite" teams that won't let you down too often when playing Away, but when it comes to Medium and Long Odds calls, the chances are even slimmer. And forget calling Draws - getting 6 of them in a row will require far too much luck!

Our findings are that only Premier Divisions show any real signs of consistency in the top teams" performance levels (and even then not for all of the Premier Divisions)! So we advise avoiding the lower Divisions for betting purposes unless there is a good reason for going with a particular match.

Anyway, in our opinion, it"s best to stick to just one of the above categories rather than mix them up in an accumulator bet. This is because concentrating on just one category helps to focus the mind more, and it therefore allows you to make proper comparisons between the worthiness of the various matches you are considering. Hopping from one type of possible match result to another doesn"t help you get such a good picture! Of course, once you"ve mastered the art of selection better, then you can experiment a bit more.

Whatever category you choose, remember that you are not supposed to spend a fortune on your Correct Scores accumulator betting (or any other type of accumulator betting)! Nonetheless, be prepared to spend a fair bit of time making the best selections you can, learn from your mistakes and improve on your "selections" ability week-by-week.

So, having decided what your preferred category is (and nowadays we ourselves like Medium Odds Home win calls for Correct Scores Hedge Betting in the range 1.50 to 1.80), you should then proceed to the following sub-menus under the icon titled "Probabilities & Reliabilities" on the Home screen:

  • "Match Probabilities", and
  • "1X2 Reliabilities".

Researching the past weeks' data for both the above reports reveals some interesting facts. For example, if you check the Home Calls on the "Match Probabilities" report you will notice that the nearer the match is to the bottom of the list, the more chances there are of the actual result being a Draw or a Loss (to the Away team). And the reverse is true for the Away Calls! This is hardly surprising, as our Program is based on purely statistical algorithms that produce very accurate assessments of "relative team strengths"! And you can rely on the statistical integrity of our Program more and more as the season progresses (but forget the closing weeks, where weird things tend to happen as the end-of-season Divisional placing become more obvious, and some of the top teams don"t seem to mind drawing or losing a match or two if their future is also secure/determined).

We provide full details of exactly how to use the Combo-Finder Tool under the icon on the Home Screen titled "Correct Scores Made Easy" - see sub-menu 7 (Working With The "Combo-Finder Tool").

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