How can I use the "Combo-Finder Tool" to make sure I can pick 6 Score-Draws without fail?

The short answer is "No"! You see, trying to find Score-Draws is probably the hardest thing to do for soccer Correct Scores betting, mainly because the Probabilities and Reliabilities of the teams for this call are pretty meaningless due to the closeness of those factors for the majority of the teams. So the Combo-Finder Tool is definitely not the best tool for helping you find Score-Draws.

The reality is this: if you could pick 6 Score-Draws on a regular basis, then you would be a billionaire in next to no time! Sadly, however, in some weeks less than 15% of matches result in Score-Draws, and in such weeks that reduces your chances of finding 6 Score-Draws to about 1 in 120,000! So finding 6 Correct Score-Draws is not an easy task to perform.

However, judging by the number of questions we get about it, many people seem to like the idea of accumulator betting with Correct Score Draws. In view of that, we would therefore like to give you some examples of how you could possibly go about selecting 6 possible Score-Draw Calls without using the Combo-Finder Tool (which, as we said above, is not the right tool for the job):

  1. When considering Draws, forget the Probabilities (because, although there may be as many Draws in a season as there are Away Team Wins, none of the Draw results will ever be as obvious as many of the Away Team Winds will be), and that explains why our "Predict-A-Win Program's calculation of the Probability of a Draw result will never go above 33%!
  2. Call up the "1X2 Reliabilities" report (found as a sub-menu under the "Probabilities & Reliabilities" icon and, commencing with the LAST match on the list, click on the link under "Date / Time & PIC". Then take a look at the "Head-to-Head" matches to see how many times the two teams involved have produced Draws when playing together. If they don't seem to produce Draws often (at least 1 in 4 times) then forget that match and move up to the next match in the list.
  3. Check how close the scores were for the last time the two teams met, and if there are more matches with greater than 1 goal difference, then give that match a miss, as the Draw seems more remote than you are looking for.
  4. Check also to see what the Bookie's Odds are for both the Home Win and Away Win and, if they are reasonably close, then it means that the Bookie is also hedging his bets because he thinks that match could be a Draw too.
  5. Check to see what the most common score-lines are for the two teams, and if they are reasonably consistently low (60% or more in the 2 goals or under range) then the Draw this time round would look more promising if previous Draws between the two teams have also been evidenced.
  6. Avoid matches where Relegated or Promoted teams are evidenced, until much later in the season.
  7. After you have found 6 matches that you think will produce low scores and maybe even that magic 6-line winning accumulator, all you then need to do is place a sensible bet.

Remember, a 1-1 winning score-line will on average bring in about £6.50, and £5 on a winning line of 6 matches would therefore give you a profit of around £375,000. However, what we would prefer to do is bet £0.50 on 10 different combinations of score-lines (obviously one of them being the Correct Score-Draw line) and settle for making £15,000 for that same £5 layout even if the magic Correct Score-Draw line did come up. To us, that seems to make more sense.

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