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What does "Hedge Reliance Factors" relate to, and what are the "Oddballs" that are sometimes highlighted there?

The "Hedge Reliance Factors" specifically relate to Correct Scores betting. Basically, we have devised a formulaic method to calculate how close to or how far away from the actual score-lines our "Predict-A-Win" Program's "Anticipated Score-Line" gets for each team.

Now, what can happen is that, although our Program gets the "Result Type" (the "1X2" prediction) correct very often (and no less often than the Bookies do), more often than not it does not get the actual score-lines for the matches right. For example, our Program may calculate a 2-0 win, then the team wins 5-0. Two weeks later our Program, using the updated/adjusted results data, says that same Home team will win 3-0, but it only wins 1-0. That is simply the nature of the Beautiful Game! And if it weren't, the Bookies would be bankrupted and out of business very quickly!

The "Hedge Reliance Factors" methodology is our attempt to identify where a team is erratic in its "scoring" performance (although it must be remembered that a low rating does not mean that its reliability to win (or lose, as the case may be) is poor). You can easily check out for yourself what the true situation is (and should do so, if you are a serious Bettor) by clicking to see the appropriate "Team Performance Records" for the match. You will then need to look up the current match outcomes under the table titled "Current Season's Results to Date" or, where the number of matches played to date in the current season is too low to give a reliable indication of each team's past performance, the equivalent table for the previous season's matches (found much lower down the screen).

So, basically, where the "Hedge Reliance Factors" figure is low, it tells you: "DO NOT RELY ON OUR PROGRAM'S ORIGINAL ANTICIPATED SCORE-LINE, BECAUSE IT RARELY GETS IT RIGHT FOR THIS PARTICULAR TEAM." In such a case you may consider both high and low score-line ranges to cover the options better (such as 1-0 and 4-0, rather than 1-0 and 2-0) - but in our opinion that really is pushing the boat out too far with your Correct Scores Betting. Our advice therefore is not to be over-optimistic (or too greedy) and, instead, find yourself matches where both teams display more consistent score-lines! Constantly remind yourself that a 6-line Correct Scores bet is just like a National Lottery punt, and so it should not be allowed to take up a lot of your betting funds.

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