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Can you just give me an "Idiot's Guide" as to what the Combo-Finder Tool is all about?

Each week we prepare a downloadable spreadsheet which we call the "Combo-Finder Tool", each new one being available from Monday each week, which is updated daily as and when the Odds come in. This is available from under the icon called "Correct Scores Stuff".

The Combo-Finder Tool is protected so that you can't accidentally destroy the formulae, although nothing actually needs to be amended by you (and to do so you would risk destroying all the many interactive links). In essence, it is a very sophisticated spreadsheet that has been designed to help you choose up to 6 matches where you can compare our "Predict-A-Win" Program's performance output data to see which matches you would feel more comfortable betting on.

The Combo-Finder Tool was principally designed to help you decide which 6 matches you would like to put into a Correct Scores accumulator, much as if you are buying a National Lottery ticket - except you would have far greater chances of winning something worthwhile with the Correct Scores bet. However, it can also be used for determining the best 1X2, Under/Over, Asian Handicap and more bets.

You don't have to understand how the spreadsheet does it magic in order to be able to use it effectively, but you do need to read and understand what the output figures mean, which we explain under the "Correct Scores Stuff" icon (see the sub-menu called "Correct Scores Made Easy"). But, for now, the following provides a simple guide as to what to do with the Comb-Finder Tool when looking for good matches to bet on:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest Combo-Finder Tool file for the day and saved it on your own computer; leave it open for Step 4 below.
  2. Click on the icon called "Current Week's Fixtures/Odds" and then click on the sub-menu "1X2 Odds". If the title bar reads "1X2 Odds - European Divisions" you can change it to read "Americas Divisions". This screen will eventually provide you with a list of all the fixtures for the week for the Region mentioned in the title bar and for ALL the Divisions in that particular Region if you so wish, or just the fixtures for any single Division of your choosing, even if the Odds are not yet in for all matches.
  3. From that list, select the match or matches you are interested in (Team Names and Division).
  4. Go to the Combo-Finder Tool and open the worksheet named "BaseData".
  5. You will see the matches listed by Division, then match date and, finally, alphabetical order of Home Team name.
  6. Move the cursor to the match you are interested in Column "B". Then copy with the "Control C" method.
  7. Now move to the worksheet called "Match Selections", and put the cursor into Cell "D16" (for match No. 1). Next, go to the "Paste Special" command and click on "Paste Values". All the data for this match will immediately automatically appear everywhere, and all the Odds are initially called up for the "0-0" Draw result. {This is important to note!]
  8. Now go to Cell "AA100", and here you will see our Program's original "Anticipated Score-Line" (or ASL), followed by the "Projected Score-Line" (which may well be different).
  9. In Cells "AE100" & "AF100" put what you think the most likely Score-Line will be. Doing that will automatically display all the Odds, both for the Correct Score call and the Result Type represented by that Score-Line (1X2) - (see Cells J16 to N16).
  10. 10. Now go and check the reliabilities for the two teams in the match, by looking at the outputs in the table from Cells "F100" to "Z111". If that is encouraging, then look at the Reliability tables above that table.
  11. If the team you fancy for the match you are looking at doesn't have good Reliabilities (or if the opposing team seems to deliver regular surprises as far as our Program is concerned), then choose a different match!


The above is just an overview of all the things you should look into when using the Combo-Finder Tool, since the "Oddballs" or "Outstanding Points" are all automatically highlighted for you, so the more use you make of all the facets of the Combo-Finder Tool, the more reliable your final selections should become.

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