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Twelve years ago, when we first decided to look into Correct Scores betting, we found that the amount of data we had to extract from the Team Performance Records was absolutely colossal for just the 120+ matches for the Premier Divisions we posted each week at that time! To extract all the relevant data manually, and then compile the details for each and every one of those matches, used to take us more than 30 hours, after which we then still needed to do the analysis work before we could properly decide on which 6 special matches we intended to select for our Correct Scores betting purposes.

Nowadays, to save you from having to put in all that effort yourself, we download all the main outputs from our PaW Program into a special spreadsheet. We then create interactive links throughout that spreadsheet so that, simply by entering the fixture details, all the data for both teams is brought forward and consolidated onto another "summary" worksheet. This enables you to easily compare the "strength" of all the relevant figures (such as the prediction reliability of the teams) between the different matches you have selected for analysis purposes.

We call this tool our COMBO-FINDER TOOL and, although it is primarily aimed at allowing you to find good matches for the purposes of a 6-line Correct Scores bet, it can also be used for standard 1X2 betting, Under/Over betting, Win Only and Double Chance betting if you so wish, and even for Asian Handicap betting! The COMBO-FINDER-TOOL is every bit as good as if our PaW Program is sitting on your own computer! But we do all the donkey work involved in testing, running and collating the output from our Program, so that you then only need to check for yourself what fixtures would be the best ones to bet on!

Finding your preferred 6 matches using the COMBO-FINDER TOOL is a truly simple 'copy and paste' routine, without any fear of a mistake being made on your part in collating all the data for comparison purposes. To see the backup data on the COMBO-FINDER TOOL for the 6 fixtures you are interested in, all you have to do is enter the names of the teams involved. To conduct an in-depth analysis of each separate batch of 6 matches should take you no more than 60 minutes or so for each set, compared to 6 hours or more if you were to compile all the essential backup data for yourself from scratch.

In other words, our COMBO-FINDER TOOL provides you with superb computing power and 'insider' knowledge for soccer betting purposes that you just can't get anywhere else on the planet! And it is so easy to use.


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