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When trying to select the best matches for betting purposes from among the mid-season deluge of 250+ Premier Division soccer matches that are played each week in Europe, the dilemma is exactly the same for everybody: Which matches will give you the best chances of making money?

The best way we know of for you to tackle this issue is to select up to 10 or so potential matches to bet on and then, in order to decide which matches to drop and which to stick with from among those in your list of potential bets:

  1. analyse the past performance data we provide you with for both teams in each match,
  2. check out our assessment of the probabilities of the most likely winners of each match actually winning, and
  3. compare the relative probabilities we show you for each supposedly stronger team winning against the probabilities of the other most likely winners.

Nowadays, courtesy of the Internet, it isn’t necessary for you to compile all the past performance records for yourself. However, the problem with the usual set of performance records you will find on the Internet is that you won't know what the reasonable expectation was of the match outcome compared to how the teams actually performed. To be able to achieve that higher understanding of how the teams have performed, you first need a valid and consistently applied PREDICTION SYSTEM and then you need a highly reliable TRACKING SYSTEM. Without either of those it would be impossible to undertake any meaningful analysis of past predictions that could reliably assist you to draw worthwhile conclusions about a current set of predictions.

Any attempt at trying to draw conclusions from an "unsystemised" set of soccer predictions would be a complete waste of time, because there would be no basis of any sort against which comparative assessment could be made. That is why we employ a very worthwhile Prediction System that has been specifically designed to enable meaningful analysis of its output. The heart of our System is our computer-driven “Predict-A-Win” Program (the “PaW” Program for short), which is written in a high-level database language. It provides the vast array of meaningful reliabilities data that is so essential to finding winning match selections for soccer betting purposes.

Our PaW Program's output is both competent and reliable, primarily because we apply its prediction routines 100% consistently from match-to-match and from week-to-week. We do not manipulate the PaW Program's output data in any way but post it "as is", straight from the computer. Our PaW Program produces not only a 1X2 prediction for each and every League match, but it also produces an "Anticipated Score-Line" (ASL) for every match, which we continue to display alongside the actual score-line even after the match actual results become known.

We ourselves find it hard for our brains to compare page after page of pure numbers, so we decided that we also needed something visual to help us get a better picture of how the teams had performed to date. The outcome is a series of coloured data tables and charts which we produce each week, and which we put into one comprehensive file we call the "TEAM PERFORMANCE RECORDS", for each and every match. That tool enables us to quickly get a very good feeling about the relative strengths and weaknesses of the teams we are conducting our in-depth analysis on, because our PaW Program's predictions show what OUGHT to happen based on each team's potential, whereas many teams simply cannot be relied upon to perform as expected.

You need to avoid betting on teams that are not reliable, so the beauty of our Team Performance Records is that they allow you to see very easily which teams are consistent in their performance and which teams perform erratically yet still manage to sit high in the League tables. This allows you to determine for yourself which teams to avoid betting on, by employing the aid of the colour coding system we use against each team's performance records (we highlight where our PaW Program predicted the 1X2 result correctly and double-highlight where it predicted the score-line correctly also).

So, if you find that a team regularly does the opposite of what our PaW Program predicts, then you have found a team to avoid betting on, unless you find that the opposite outcome has very attractive Odds against it and you decide to bet that way instead!


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