Some other soccer prediction websites just offer you a listing of the probabilities for the 3 possible 1X2 match outcomes. We go way beyond that! We provide all the information the serious Bettor will ever need to make excellent betting selections! You will never have to look elsewhere for essential betting data, it’s all here! How many other prediction services do that for you?

Our aim is to give you quality soccer prediction backup data that will allow you to see clearly for yourself exactly what the best soccer betting opportunities are, no matter if you prefer going for Outright Winners, Asian Handicap Winners or even Under/Over bets.

We present our soccer predictions data in many different ways to enable you to easily cross-reference what you are looking at and thus develop your own rock solid convictions about which matches you are going to bet on!

The following are a few of the superb tools we post on this website to help you identify great soccer betting selections (there are many other useful charts and tables too):

  • Our unique "Team Performance Records": a series of coloured tables, charts and graphs for each and every match, which let you appreciate how the 2 teams in a match have done so far this season as well as last season (because that's highly necessary at the start of a new season), and which includes a visually compelling "Performance Indicator Chart".
  • A completely interactive "Soccer Predictions Analysis Tool" (SoccerPAT), which allows you to check out many "what if" scenarios directly on this website and test the betting outcomes, from singles all the way to sextuples!
  • A very special version of the SoccerPAT facility that will provide you with up to 20 potential Home Win European football match calls, drawn from selected Divisions only, with Odds that will be ideal for getting good returns on accumulator betting! It's is called the 'Accumulator Betting Selections List', and you will be able to check the worthiness of the listed matches for all past weeks – so you don’t have to bet blindly!
  • A weekly downloadable interactive "Combo-Finder Tool", which is a spreadsheet primarily geared towards Correct Scores betting, where we place all the relevant data necessary for making good soccer betting decisions (extracted directly from our computer program's soccer prediction output).

The Combo-Finder Tool brings together a great deal of the soccer prediction background data our computer Program relies upon as input for making the predictions (such as, but not limited to, scoring abilities, current ranking and Win Quotients), plus shows what our Program produces as the final outputs (such as the 'Win Probabilities' and 'Reliabilities' figures).

Also, a great deal of the information you see on the Combo-Finder Tool can be seen in pictorial and chart form on the respective Team Performance Record. We simply collate and tabulate that same data on the spreadsheet to save you all the effort of having to make your own notes as you work through the Team Performance Records' charts and other data.

Collating and documenting all the soccer prediction data for you in that way leaves you free to drink in the pictorial stuff on the Team Performance Records, and so you will have more time to spend considering and comparing all the relevant data for the soccer matches you are particularly interested in.

The Combo-Finder Tool allows you to insert up to six different fixtures into a "Selections" box, along with the score-lines you feel would be most appropriate. All the Probabilities and Reliabilities data for both teams in each match is then automatically brought through to the main page for you to see, including all the relevant Odds data. Colour coding of any out-of-the-ordinary data is also included on the spreadsheet (but don't worry - it's all pre-coded to enable this to happen automatically, without you having to do anything else at all).

So, using the Combo-Finder Tool, you can very quickly test as many matches as you want to until you find those soccer predictions you would be happy to bet on.

Of course, we give you a full explanation as to how to interpret all the soccer predictions data we present. So having the output from our computerised soccer prediction Program is just like having your very own computer program (except that we do all the hard work for you).

And if you are at all worried about the possibility of not being able to figure out how to use our spreadsheets, we will take the time to respond to you personally to help you grasp all the fundamentals!

Now, isn't a world-class Soccer Prediction Service like ours exactly what you need right now?

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