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Working With The "Combo-Finder Tool"

Now that we have explained what the COMBO-FINDER TOOL is designed for, let’s get started on how to use it effectively to find your 6 preferred matches, starting with how to view all the relevant data for each match instantly, so that you can then properly analyse the resultant output for yourself:

  1. In Cell D16, copy in the fixture details found in Column B of the "BaseData" worksheet for the match you prefer (this will ensure that the automatic "look-up" facilities will work 100% properly). The easiest way to do this is to copy the fixture details using “Ctrl C” from the BaseData worksheet, and then pasting into the Match Selections worksheet by using the “Paste Special” command, followed by “Value”. [Once you have found the first of the 6 matches where you are happy with the figures revealed, you must then repeat the exercise for Cells D22:D21 (depending on how many matches you wish to review for inclusion in your final multi-line selections list).]
  2. Now go through Cells O52-AD52, F70-J70, O70- R70, G88-N88, T88-Z88 and F100-Y100 to check out the "Reliabilities" and other data first match, noting the "traffic light" style coloured highlighting that is automatically added in, and which allows you to identify the Oddballs easily (i.e. those highlighted in dark red). And if you think the Oddballs are too many or too onerous, consider replacing the offending fixtures with alternative and more "compliant" matches. [Once you have found the first of the 6 matches where you are happy with the figures revealed, you must then repeat the exercise for Cells O53:AD57, F71:J75, O71:R75, G89:N93, T89:Z93 and F101:Y111 (again, depending on how many matches you wish to review for inclusion in your final multi-line selections list).]
  3. Compare the Originally Posted ASL with the Projected Calls (Cells AA100:AB100 versus those in Cells AC100:AD100) to ensure there is similarity between the two score-lines (and if not, consider replacing those fixtures where the anticipated 1X2 RESULTS for the 2 separate match predictions (Original v Projected) are different). [Once you have found the first of the 6 matches where you are happy with the figures revealed, you must then repeat the exercise for Cells AA101:AB111 versus those in Cells AC101:AD111 (again, depending on how many matches you wish to review for inclusion in your final multi-line selections list).]
  4. Check the "Analysis" worksheet to see if the Under/Over data reflects the anticipated outcomes for both the Originally Posted ASL and the Projected Score-Lines (and if not, consider replacing any non-conforming fixture until you find a conforming one). [Do that too for every subsequent new match you add into the list.]
  5. If, having completed steps (c) and (d) above, you still decide to keep the Oddballs on board, we recommend that you highlight the names of the teams in those matches accordingly, so you won't forget the possible pitfalls when making your final selections.
  6. Once you are fully happy that the fixtures you have selected are the ones you want to do Correct Scores 'Hedge Betting' with, you are ready to decide on the PRIMARY Score-Line to go for. Those score-lines should be inserted into Cells AE100:AF111 - "USER'S PRIMARY CALLS" - where a single digit only is required against each team.
  7. Don’t forget that to assist you to decide upon the most likely score-line, no matter that the Originally Posted ASL and the Projected Score-Line are identical to each other, you should refer to the Team Performance Records, in order to see if the two teams involved regularly return that score-line. To view the Team Performance Records, on the website simply click on the Date/Time link adjacent to the fixture you are interested in, which automatically takes you to the Team Performance Records. Then scroll down to the "Frequency of Goals For/Against (Current)" table to review the actual scores history for the current season to date. The equivalent past season's data can be found at the very bottom of the screen.
  8. One final check you should also make, before convincing yourself too quickly about what the outcome of the match will most likely be, is to re-check where the two teams stand comparatively in the League Division table, both overall and for the respective Home/Away plays (the relevant charts are also found under the Team Performance Records data).
  9. Remember, once the season is well under way you wouldn’t normally expect a team playing Away, and which loses more Aways than it wins, to beat a team playing at Home that just happens to be 5 positions higher in the 'Overall' table and wins far more games at Home than it loses. If you did, at that point you would be defying the Law of Averages. But a Draw could well be on the cards. However, for such number comparisons to be truly meaningful you need "volume" or "weight" of numbers to be there, thus early season indicators may not give a true picture. So be very careful how much credence you give to the current table rankings early on in the season.
  10. Having settled on the PRIMARY Score-Line, now you can, if you wish, decide on up to 3 Hedge Betting Score-Lines to go into Cells V16:X21. Note that in these Cells the entry must be made in the format '1-0 (for example); both the leading apostrophe before the numbers and the hyphen between the numbers are essential!
  11. Next, note the automatic highlighting of any Oddballs identified in Cells J16:N21 and Y16:AA21. An Oddball is where the Odds revealed appear to be way too high for the results you are expecting (or hoping for). You should always aim to keep your betting on the sound footing of "not being too greedy"!
  12. If you wish to do so, insert the details of your Asian Handicap selections into Cells B52:D57, based on what you believe will be the most likely "handicapped" score-line for each match, then look out for any Oddballs automatically highlighted in Cells E52:F57. However, we definitely DO NOT recommend you doing Asian Handicap betting where any Outright Win Call offers Medium Odds and, in fact, we don't like Asian Handicap betting at all. We advise that, because the Bookies have this very much sorted out in their favour, you are much more likely to lose money than make money with Asian Handicap Betting!

After you have entered each of the 6 "Prime Calls" score-lines, then the Odds will all be automatically pulled up for Cells J16:N21 (you don't have to do anything in those Cells, as the List_Odds and BaseData worksheets will 'give up' the required data as you finalise each entry), and the total return for a 100% Correct 6-Line "Correct Scores" Combo will also be displayed automatically. That final figure should ideally be in the range of 45,000-65,000 to be considered as "realistic" but, if the upper amount is much higher, then you really ought to look again at what you are expecting, because it will mean that the Bookies do not see eye-to-eye with you!

Likewise, once all 18 alternative score-lines have been entered correctly in Cells V16:X21 (6 matches x 3 alternative score-lines), then the alternative Odds will all be automatically pulled up for Cells Y16:AA21. The 3 answers that will then automatically appear in Cells Y22:AA22 may well make your hair stand on end, since sometimes they can run into the millions! In those cases it does not necessarily mean that your alternative score-lines will never come up, but the chances of you winning on those occasions will be extremely slim!

We recommend that you shouldn't try to save time by ignoring the "ODDBALL" and other highlighting information that automatically appears on the spreadsheet, because going through that checking step can often draw your attention to very important issues you would otherwise never have spotted. You will need only that one time pass through to convince yourself of its usefulness! It’s quite an amazing experience, believe us!

When you have completed all the above steps you will then have your very own unique, personally selected, 6 matches, complete with all the backup data relevant to those matches!

You can unprotect each worksheet within the spreadsheet using the password "Woz", but you shouldn’t need to do so unless you want to add other info of your own to a sheet. If in doing so you accidentally delete a FORMULA, then you will either have to be knowledgeable enough to know how to repair the damage or you must start again from the original file held on the website (and which wouldn’t be at all difficult, needing 10 minutes work at most).

If the above has not convinced you that we take your soccer betting success every bit as seriously as you do, then nothing else we can possibly say ever will! Powered by Predict-A-Win (product of BetWare Ltd)
Last Updated: 23-Feb-2018 00:34 GMT
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