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Week No. 4 Week Beginning: 21 Mar 2016 Season: 2017
Click on the link under "Match Over-Round" to see the details of the "Over-Round for Specific Call Type (1X2)" for any match you are interested in, as well as the Predict-A-Win (PaW) Program's estimate of the Probabilities for each of the 3 possible match outcomes.
1 25 Mar 18:00 New England v Minnesota U MLS 1.44 4.50 6.50 7.05% 63.00 n/a Odds
2 25 Mar 20:00 New York RB v R Salt Lake MLS 1.61 3.80 5.50 6.61% 65.00 n/a Odds
3 25 Mar 23:30 Columbus v Portland T MLS 2.37 3.25 3.00 6.30% 44.00 n/a Odds
ASL = Our Anticipated Score-Line (n/a = not available if not logged in)
Act Res = Actual Result (once known)
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