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2. Comfort Factor Values

In respect to the Comfort Factors, we believe that the following are the figures that need to have been achieved before a Selection System can be considered to have substantiated its claim to have performed well:

  1. the Return on Risks - 10% minimum;
  2. the Robustness Test - this will vary according to whether you are betting on Favourites (short odds) or Value Bets, etc. and on singles or accumulators as well as the Bet Type being laid (Homes, Aways, etc.), and appropriate tables are included under the separate section entitled Robustness Inputs and Outputs;
  3. the Drop Ratio - 50% maximum;
  4. the Exposure Rating - 50% maximum;
  5. the Base Yield - 5% minimum using Fixed Stakes;
  6. the Betting Yield - 2.5% minimum using Fixed Stakes.

In attempting to test the performance of almost any Betting Strategy to the level we have described, you will probably be hard pushed to obtain adequate data. Although we ourselves have all the necessary reports for our own Program built in (so that we can check that its performance is up to scratch), it doesn't mean that every other Selection System promoter will do the same thing. And even if you rely upon your own selection ability, you may not have kept adequate historic data to enable you to properly perform our recommended checks to test the reliability of your own past performance.

Where you can't get all the necessary test data, you will have to go with whatever limited data is available to you. However, if someone is trying to sell you a Selection System, you are perfectly within your rights to ask the promoter to supply you with suitably audited or verifiable data sufficient to allow you to carry out some basic checks for yourself on their performance capability. Just bear in mind the priority ranking of those tests, as listed above./


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