So you like betting on accumulators, but you haven't done very well lately? We can help you overcome that problem! Each week we will give you a ranked list of up to 20 potential Home Win European soccer matches that you can then select your accumulator bets from. All the matches will be drawn from particular selected Divisions only, and the match rankings will be done based on the Home Team's "Outright Win" capability over the recent past 10 matches in the same Division. The Odds for those matches will not be the Bookies' lowest offerings but, instead, will be chosen to give good returns for accumulator betting. For sure, not all those Home Teams will win – there will inevitably be some Draws, and even the occasional Away Team win.

Anyway, check here to see the cumulative winnings this Season for our 'Accumulator Betting Selections' - even if you had bet on every single match on our weekly lists so far this season, you would now be up 11.29% on "singles" betting alone! Not only that, "sextuples" accumulator betting would have given you a profit of 290.76%! But be discerning - because you can't expect that there will be an overall profit every single week if you use ALL our Program's predictions!

We provide a ton of other tools and data beyond our 'Accumulator Betting Selections List' (such as our 'Soccer Predictions Analysis Tool' (SoccerPAT), 'Team Performance Records', and 'Combo-Finder Tool'), but if you don't like doing the analytical work and you can't be bothered to fill in spreadsheets, then there's absolutely no need to do so! You can simply make your accumulator betting selections from the list we provide you with each week. Now, what could be easier or more convenient than that? Of course, you might prefer our SoccerPAT reverse calls! And you can get all our Program's superb soccer winning tips each week for less than you'd pay for a pint of beer!

Our predictions cover the Premier Football Leagues in 10 soccer loving countries across Europe (England, France, Holland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Turkey), plus 3 Divisions in the Americas (the top 2 in Brazil and the USA's MSL), where the season there extends across the European football “close season”. We also provide predictions for 4 English Major and 3 Scottish Major Divisions, as well as 4 English Minor Divisions.

There are 273 match predictions in total this week (from 16 Oct 2017 onwards), comprising 223 for Europe and 50 for the Americas. See below to find the link to all this week’s soccer predictions (you can find them under the icon below named "Current Week's Fixtures/Odds" - 1X2 Betting Odds). Nowadays we get pretty close to the actual score-lines for many of the matches, but you have to be a subscribing member to see the anticipated goals. You can easily check how we do with our score-lines by changing the week number on the screens under the "Current Week's Fixtures/Odds" to any previous week you choose.

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Last Week's Soccer Predictions (Partial)

TPR = Team Performance Records
ASL = Our Anticipated Score-Line
Act Res = Actual Result
Click on the link under the "Date/Time & TPR" column to see our extensive "Team Performance Records".

This Week's Soccer Predictions (Partial)

Date Match Division Odds Over round Home Wins Anticipated Score-Line Actual Result
Homes Draw Aways
21 Oct 18:45 Barcelona v Malaga SL 1.07 10.00 29.00 6.91% 78.00 n/a Odds
21 Oct 14:00 Manchester C v Burnley EP 1.08 11.00 26.00 5.53% 62.00 n/a Odds
22 Oct 18:45 R Madrid v Eibar SL 1.08 11.00 23.00 6.03% 58.00 n/a Odds
21 Oct 19:30 FC Porto v Pacos de F P0 1.12 8.50 17.00 6.93% 65.00 n/a Odds
22 Oct 19:15 Sp Lisbon v Chaves P0 1.14 7.50 17.00 6.93% 62.00 n/a Odds
22 Oct 10:30 PSV v Heracles HK 1.20 7.00 12.00 5.95% 68.00 n/a Odds
16 Oct 16:30 Panathinaikos v Larissa G0 1.22 5.50 15.00 6.82% 66.00 n/a Odds
22 Oct 18:45 Lazio v Cagliari IS 1.22 6.50 11.00 6.44% 63.00 n/a Odds
21 Oct 11:30 Chelsea v Watford EP 1.28 5.75 9.00 6.63% 52.00 n/a Odds
21 Oct 15:00 Monaco v Caen FL 1.30 5.25 9.50 6.50% 61.00 n/a Odds
22 Oct 13:00 AC Milan v Genoa IS 1.44 4.20 7.50 6.59% 61.00 n/a Odds
22 Oct 13:00 Nice v Strasbourg FL 1.50 4.33 6.00 6.43% 64.00 n/a Odds
You won't be able to see the "Team Performance Records" for this Week's predictions or our ASL's (shown here as "n/a") unless you are a subscribing Member.
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